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E-Plan is a highly secure, web-based system that’s instantly equipping response teams with life-saving information. Thousands of different chemicals and hazardous materials are used commercially and transported across America every day. When there is an accident involving a chemical plant, a warehouse, a refinery or a transportation vehicle, the first responders need critical information fast to protect themselves, possible accident victims and surrounding communities. E-Plan provides critical chemical information at the scene and is in use in many communities nationwide.


Knowledge is power. If responders use the traditional paper-based system to identify on-site chemicals before responding to an incident, it could take hours – and perhaps days. By logging on E-Plan, First Responders can arrive on-the-scene with the facility knowledge they need for a much safer and more efficient emergency response.


Communication is key for safety. E-Plan is an efficient and easy to use online data-entry portal for EPCRA. It allows industry to keep the Tier 2 data stored and delivers it to LEPC’s, states, and their local fire departments. For the 2020 reporting year, eleven States i.e., Alabama, Alaska, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee and several Counties i.e., Warren County (OH), Chesapeake City (VA), Hopewell City (VA), Patrick County (VA), Pittsylvania County (VA), Richmond City (VA), Smyth County (VA), Virginia Beach City (VA), and Waynesboro City (VA) accept E-Plan as an electronic form of Tier II reports.