Cutting Edge Planning and Training Inc is a full-service company specializing in hazardous materials and firefighter related training. We provide comprehensive instruction from experienced professionals with years to decades of skills in this field. It’s our highest priority to put you in front of the best of the best instructors.

Hands-on Training

hands on training

This entire class is all about rule in and rule out. You will learn from trial and error then discover the potential gaps between theory and practice. We provide rigorous, real-world experiences while engaging students to learn at their highest potential. Our goal is to empower our students to be confident in all hazardous environments.

Hybrid Options

Hybrid Options

Weeks of training can be hard to commit to, especially with shift work, and that’s why we offer convenient hybrid options. The ‘classroom’ portion of the course will be done online making it more agreeable for the student and their department. We require focus and dedication during this self-directed study portion of the class so that all students are prepared when the class unites for the hands-on training.

Specialized Consulting

Hamzat technicians managing dangerous item.

We offer strategic planning to minimize risks and reduce failures at your facility. A hazmat site-specific safety plan will be designed and based on the chemical hazards at your specific facility, and we will work with local first response agencies and how they should be responding to your needs.

Mission Statement

Plan, Train, and Repeat to the best of our capabilities. Provide relevant and current education to the highest standards with the greatest degree of professionalism. Expect our industry to advance with knowledge and preparedness.